Introduction to Touch Solution
Now, Touch is an essential input device like a mouse or keyboard in the past.
However, for the development and application of Touch functions, more resources and time,
in comparison with previous input devices, is required for the development.
Our PayDos Touch Solution will solve this problem.
Features and Strengths of Touch Solution
Capacitive Touch Solution provider based on Android platform
Powerful technical support :
  • Technical support from H/W device, device driver to system optimization
  • TSP + Device Driver :
  • Easy to use
  • Easy development with driver-support
  • Smart update
  • On-line update of driver S/W
  • Optimization
  • Optimization on android platform
    Touch Solution Cluster
    Product Line-up
    Multi-touch solution
    1 finger drawing + multi-gesture 2 finger drawing + multi-gesture 5 finger drawing + multi-gesture 10 finger drawing + multi-gesture
    Description Low-end multi-touch product Middle-end multi-touch product Tablet solution
    Application Navigation, photo frame, and other electric devices Tablet PC, net book, and other electric devices Tablet PC, laptop
    Response speed Over than 60Hz
    Size 7” WVGA 7” WVGA
    10.1” WVGA
    7” WVGA
    10.1” WVGA
    13.3” WVGA
    7” WVGA
    10.1” WVGA
    13.3” WVGA
    15.6” WVGA
    22.0” WVGA
    Status Available Under development
    Available in 2010
    Under development
    Available in 2011
    Under development
    Available in 2011
    Driver S/W Android, winCE Android Win7, android Win7, android
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